Mohammed Bin Obaid Quran Centre’s structure, 7-level curricula approved

Graduates are highly qualified for teaching Quran


Dubai, UAE – The Mohammed Bin Obaid Quran Centre, adopting a new trend in teaching the Quran in the emirate of Dubai, has approved its innovative structure, work plan, and seven-level curricula to help their learners tightly memorise and perfectly recite the holy book.

The curricula, the first of its kind in the UAE, is the first step of the centre to help aspirant learners tightly memorise and perfectly recite the Quran in a way that boost and promote memorisation of the Quran nationwide.

Launch of the First Initiative to teach Quran Recitation within "Year of Zayed"

Mohammed Bin Obaid Al-Maktoum undertakes to establish a specialized center for the Holy Quran memorization and recitation


Sheikh Mohammed bin Obaid bin Thani Al-Maktoum undertook to establish a new center to memorize the Holy Quran and teach its recitation in Dubai at his own expense. The (Mohammed Bin Obaid Quran Center) was opened as of last Thursday, which is located at the 2nd of December Street in hospitality area in Dubai; whereas it announced that it is now open for registration.