Vision and Mission


Our creativity and earmark in teaching Holy Quran, adapting best educational practices and sharing experiences via clever organizational work, enables us to create an exceptional Quran-oriented generation.



Memorizing Quran by heart, understanding its meanings and watching its values in daily life through our novel organizational work.

Quran Educaton

  • Educational classes for beginner learners.
  • Special classes for memorizing advanced chapters of Quran
  • Specialized classes for teaching reading Quran for elders and memorization of some Quranic chapters.
  • Classes for memorizers of full Quran to prepare them to obtain an Ijazah (certification) in the ten Quranic Qira’at (recitations)
  • Classes to enhance the performance of teachers and Quran supervisors (whether internal or external teacher).
  • Classes for mastering Quran recitation, caring for Quranic Mutoon (text), (Jazariyyah, Tuhfat Al-Atfal, Hidayat al-Sibyan, al-Nuraniyyah etc.)

Strategic Objectives


  • Providing teaching assistance in memorizing Quran by heart, introducing its honorable sciences, helping students to understand it, and develop its educational methods.
  • We creatively provide the pleasant, catchy atmosphere required for teaching Quran and spreading its tolerant, sound religious culture via our novel organizational work.
  • Capturing the attention of our society to the value and importance of learning and teaching Quran on the prophetic way and attaining the rewards promised in the prophetic saying: “The best amongst you is the one who learns the Quran and teaches it.”
  • Preparing an elite group of Quran memorizers and guardians to teach it and lead collective prayers.
  • Designing associated programs and activities to enable the Quranic culture to reach the diverse categories of our society.