Launch of the First Initiative to teach Quran Recitation within "Year of Zayed"

Mohammed Bin Obaid Al-Maktoum undertakes to establish a specialized center for the Holy Quran memorization and recitation


Sheikh Mohammed bin Obaid bin Thani Al-Maktoum undertook to establish a new center to memorize the Holy Quran and teach its recitation in Dubai at his own expense. The (Mohammed Bin Obaid Quran Center) was opened as of last Thursday, which is located at the 2nd of December Street in hospitality area in Dubai; whereas it announced that it is now open for registration.

"The Quranic Center" was launched in the framework of the events of the (Year of Zayed 2018), which is a unique and first-of-its-kind Quranic initiative in United Arab Emirates, specialized in teaching the recitation of Quran, without needing the registered subscribers in the initiative to memorize it. The initiative is entitled "Correct your recitation", which aims to teach the right recitation and to correct the common mistakes in reading the Holy Quran, without having the student to memorize it. The initiative is open for those who have reached the age of 16 and above.

Nada Mohammed bin Obaid Al Falasi, Director General of the Mohammed Bin Obaid Center, confirmed that the initiative aims to promote a generation of Emirati men skilled in reciting the Quran, and to develop a group of UAE nationals in this field. This type of initiative was chosen for launching the Center's activities in the Year of Zayed, under the encouragement of the Sheikh Zayed, May God have mercy on him, and his urging to memorize the Holy Quran and learn its recitation. Nada stressed that the Center embraces citizens and residents, and welcomes those who want to learn the recitation of the Holy Quran from different ages, including children, starting from the age of 8 years old and above.

Nada Al Falasi declared that the absorptive capacity of the new center, in the light of the area currently exploited, presented by Sheikh Mohammed bin Obaid Al-Maktoum, is estimated by more than 250 male and female students, and the Center can be expanded in the future, so that its absorptive capacity will reach up to a thousand students.

Nada said: The Center developed strategic objectives, where the most important of which is the memorization of the Holy Quran, the study of its sciences, the development of its teaching methods, the leadership and innovation in creating an attractive environment for learning God Almighty’s Quran, in addition to spreading the culture of the true tolerant religion through a unique institutional work, and qualifying a group of Quran memorizers to teach God’s Quran and the imamate of mosques, under the State’s policy and the Rational Leadership’s approach, based on temperance, moderation and tolerance; and organizing programs and events to spread the "Qur'anic culture."

According to Nada Mohammed, the operational plan requires allocation of classes for new students, who have not memorized the Quran before, and allocation of other classes to memorize the advanced parts of the Quran; furthermore, other classes should be allocated to those who memorize all the Quran, to prepare them to acquire the “license” in the ten recitation methods. The plan also includes establishing classes to strengthen the performance of the teachers and the memorization supervisors, from the teachers of the Center and other specialized centers in the State, and also classes for mastering the Quran’s recitation, for those who are specialized in studying the systems and contexts of the Quran (Al-Gazreya, Tuhfat Al-Atfal wa Al-Sighar, Hidaya Al-Sibyan and Qa'idah Al-Nooraniya). Mohammed bin Obaid Quran Center in Dubai consists of 10 classrooms, and a whole building was allocated for it within a separate building, including 4 floors. The Center currently occupies two floors; provided that it will expand in the future. Khaled AzizHead of the Center's Affairs Sector