We warmly welcome your presence in Mohammed bin Obaid Quran Center, an Islamic center offering its services in Quran recitation, memorization and education authorized by Islamic Affairs & Charitable Activities. The center was founded by Sheikh Mohammed Obaid bin Thani Al Maktoum in 1439 A.H. corresponding to 2017, in 2nd of December Street in Al Deyafa district, Dubai.

Al-Deyafa district is one of the vital districts in Dubai lacking Quran memorization centers. We hope this Quran memorization center in such a district will enable the Quranic culture to reach the diverse fabric of our society.

This Center aims to serve our religion by enabling the culture of sticking to Quranic values and principles. The Center is intended to accept all age groups of both genders from the entire society.

All praise to Allah Who bestowed the blessing of success upon Sheikh Mohammed bin Obaid Al Maktoum in founding this Quranic organization. May Allah bless and reward him for his good deeds.

As Allah honored us with this responsibility, we have dedicated our efforts to set up all administrative structures and educational systems meeting highest standards to complete this work in a world class level of efficiency, professionalism and discipline.

In conclusion, I sincerely would like to thank my fellow board members of the Center for all considerable efforts they exerted in the way of Allah to serve the Holy Quran, seeking Allah’s rewards in first place, and serve our people in the United Arab Emirates to adhere to the firm Islamic handhold and the moderate culture of Islam. May Allah bless them.

I would like also to thank all people working in this place for their sincere work for the common good.

Peace be upon you,


Nada Mohammad Bin Obaid Al Falasi,

General Director