· Wife of Shaikh Mohammed bin Obaid Al Maktoum


Board Members:

· Colonel-General Ahmed Khalfan Al-Mansouri

· Sheikh Saleh Abdel-Karim

· Mr. Rashid Salem Al Junaibi

· Nada Mohammed Bin Obaid Al Falasi


An Autobiography of Major-General Ahmed Khalfan Al Mansouri:

Ahmed Khalfan Al Mansouri currently occupies the office of the General Secretary of the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Award for Tolerance, alongside with his position as a major-general in Dubai Police. He had previously held the position of the General Secretary of the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Award for World Peace. He also was a former CEO of Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding. He had received many awards such as the Creative Employee Award in 2009 and the Best Co-work Team for securing events. He has a bachelor’s degree in Law.


An Autobiography of the Sheikh Doctor Saleh Abdel-Karim: 

In 2011, Dr. Saleh Abdel-Karim earned a PhD at Omdurman Islamic University’s Faculty of Hadith Sciences. This followed his Master’s degree at University of Sharjah,

Faculty of Sharia and Islamic Studies, Department of Foundations of Religion; obtained in 2009. Dr. Abdel-Karim currently works as an associate professor at Dubai-based University of Jumeirah’s Faculty of Arabic and Islamic Studies. This was preceded by his career as a former teacher for the Ministry of Education.

His voluntary work included working as a preacher, Imam, marriage registrar and family consultant for the UAE Marriage Fund. He regularly contributes with articles to Sharjah Police magazine. He also has supervised the in-school training for students.

Dr. Saleh Abdel-Karim has significant contributions and efforts in academic courses, training programs and developmental forums. He took part in composing and improving educational curricula, as well as selecting educational sources. This comes alongside with his history in teaching and running forums, workshops and awareness seminars.

Dr. Abdel-Karim’s bibliography is not limited to the above, he have also published books and done researches on a lot more than the below topics:

- PhD Thesis: “Types of autobiographies of Sahih al-Bukhari chapters - A case, academic study”

- Master’s Degree thesis: “Relationship Among Hadith Narrators (Lata’if al-Isnad) – A Case Study on Sahih al-Bukhari”

- A book under the title of: A Guide to Approaches of Hadith Scolars”

- Religious Discourse and Its Role in Combating Extremism

- Misunderstandings of Al-wala' wa-l-bara' (Loyalty and Disavowal) & How It Affects Muslim Civilians


An Autobiography of Rashid Salim Al Junaibi:

Rashid Salim Al-Junaibi is the CEO of the Islamic Information Center in Dubai. He is an engineer, while working as an instructor in spiritual and cultural understanding. He took part in several cultural programs and events for his catchy rhetoric, in Arabic as well as in English, addressing several topics including the pursuit of happiness, peace and youth-related issues. He also appears as a prominent guest in many TV shows and radio programs designed for charity work and cultural understanding.

In 2016, he was selected as one of the top ten world characters contributing to peace and tolerance. He obtained an executive MBA from University of Sharjah, as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from Khalifa University. 


An Autobiography of Nada Mohammed Bin Obaid Al Falasi:

Ms. Nada Al Falasi holds the position of Director Corporate Social Responsibility in Etisalat Group, heading the CSR activities for 18 countries under Etisalat Group umbrella in both Africa & Asia continent. She was nominated to be a member of the United Nations representing Etisalat Group to handle global discussions and strategic crisis plans with United Nations Global team member. Her years of experience was earned from her career life in Etisalat and her gradual promotions among several departments covering the marketing, communications, branding and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Before joining Etisalat, Ms. Nada had worked for Dubai Airports’ Department of Marketing and Corporate Communications. Her career life covered all programs of Dubai Government portals (eGovernment), as well as handling the strategic branding guidelines of Dubai Airports & Al Maktoum International including the full branding exercise done at “Al Majlis”, Executive Flight Services, VIP Lounge, Cargo Center and Al Zahra Project.